Rules that users must follow. There are some rules for being in any community. Following these rules will make people peaceful. Omegletalk also serves a community, so there are some rules. We have listed these rules below.

1. Do not disturb other users. We’re a community and we’re pretty good at it, so let’s keep it that way.

2. Keep in mind that is family friendly, so be polite when chatting with other users.

3. You are not allowed to record the image of the person you are talking to. We have editors to help keep our site clean and implementation rules.

4. Hate speech is not allowed in any way.

5. Don’t advertise different applications or websites.

6. Do not publicly discuss with people.

7. Don’t chat with too many Religion / politics. Starting with religious and policy issues is just a problem / discussion.

8. Ignore the trolls. If someone is trolling, don’t chat with them! Just let us know and ignore them.

Users who do not follow the chat rules will be ban from the site. You need to follow the rules to be able to chat continuously on the site.